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Van der Boog & Van den Bosch – Matricaria

MatricariaFirm van der Boog & van den Bosch is an authoritative year-round producer of Matricaria. The company was founded as a one man business by (grandfather) Piet van den Bosch in 1910 in Rijnsburg ( Holland ), so now it exists over a 100 years!

What once started with the production of vegetables in the open air has grown out to a greenhouse company, established in Valkenburg ( community Katwijk, near The Hague ), that is specialized in the year-round production of top-quality Matricaria (Tanacetum parthenium).

Matricaria MPS logoThe company is a pioneer when it comes to durable producing and was one of the first to introduce the use of natural enemies in horticultural flower crops. Due to our efforts on the areas of environment, durability, working conditions and safety we are certified with the inspection marks MPS – A and MPS – Social Qualified (MPS – SQ).

With these two certificates we have been member from the beginning of the international trademark “Fair Flowers, Fair Plants” , abbreviated as F.F.P. ( and a.k.a. “Flower label” ).

*Unfortunately “Fair Flowers, Fair Plants” has ended its existance as a seperate certificate on January 1 – 2018. But that doesn’t change our approach when it’s about sustainability, we go on like before and remain MPS – A(+) and MPS – Social Qualified ( MPS – SQ ). So we leave the F.F.P. certificate standing on our site. “We care about the footprint we leave behind”…….

Our missions are the production of top quality Matricaria for the higher segments of the market in a durable way and – next to that – continuously innovation.

FFP logo Daughter company Celex b.v. was operating under the same roof with Firm van der Boog & van den Bosch. And was active in the breeding and selection of the crop Celosia, both pot / bedding plants as well as cut flowers. The only company worldwide that was specialized in the breeding and selection of Celosia and with that world market leader.

But on Oktober 01 – 2019 Celex has sold its breeding activitities to  PanAmericanSeed, part of the American Ball Horticultural Co.



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Matricaria & Celosia spot

Our company at the Valkenburger lake, for its climate a perfect location. In front Leiden – South and in the background Valkenburg, Rijnsburg, Katwijk and the coast of the North-sea.


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