Web of Trust (EN)

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Web Of Trust explanation:

When it comes to security add-ons for your browser, Web of Trust ( WOT ) is one of the first ones to install on your computer(s). It provides a dead simple way to help users avoid dangerous websites. Once installed the WOT places a colour coded icon next to web links (e.g. on Google result pages). Green is safe, Yellow is questionable and Red is bad and/or dangerous. Don’t click the red links! Oh no, you already clicked it?!? No worries, WOT cuts you a break and posts a warning page before serving up any Red sites, giving you a second chance to avoid these disreputable locations. For instance it avoids infection from a known malware site after failing to recognize that as a phishing scam in a Facebook message. Web Of Trust also warns for dangerous fake websites with hidden links and much, much more. The add-on works with all major browsers, like Internet Explorer, Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Go to: http://www.mywot.com and install Web Of Trust ( WOT ) today.

Visit: https://www.mywot.com and install WOT today!

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