Matricaria detail

Our main product in Matricaria is the variety “Single Vegmo”. We deliver this yearround to the FloraHolland auction at Rijnsburg.

The page “Production” in the main menu provides an extended photo impression of all stages in growth and during the handling, until the moment of transport to the auction.

The Matricaria variety “Single Vegmo” has build up an excellent name at the auctions and enjoys a protected status. Matricaria of this variety can only be sold under the name “Single Vegmo” if it really is the variety. Infringement of the protection is punished to avoid the underminig of the position of “Single Vegmo” in the market.

A photo impression of the young plants production can be watched on the page “Production start” in the main menu.

Matricaria nest

When you’re – like we do – producing in a sustainable way, birds make nests in the greenhouse. We welcome them, because they eat away many insects, e.g. aphids. If we discover a nest during harvesting we move them to a safe – covered – place a few meters ahead. The parents will absolutely find them after moving, the young ones beep more than enough.

Ice bird

Talking about sustainability : Several “ice birds” are living along the water around our greenhouse. Beautiful birds which are known to be very sensitive for pollution of their natural habitat. This one hit the glass wall by accident and was sitting rather dizzy on the road next to the greenhouse. Made a quick picture and that was just in time. After about 10 seconds he was enough recovered of the clash and flew again.

Examples of bunches with Matricaria added.